To mark our 10th anniversary in 2018, I redesigned our logo and introduced product iconography for use in market signage, packaging, and print materials.  

The current version of our e-commerce site features a minimal design with a greater focus on product imagery and cleaner navigation. Powered by Shopify, this is the 4th version of our website.
Expanding the visual language through patterns
After some initial mockups where product photography was featured at the front the boxes, I decided to showcase the actual cookies through a die-cut window on the packaging instead. I continued my design explorations by drawing different patterns that expanded the visual language I was building using the iconography as a launching point. I then began playing around with how they might be applied to the boxes. This felt like a better direction for our brand because the illustrations felt unique and still reflected a "handmade" aesthetic. 
Final boxes, which launched in Fall 2018. 
The new packaging strengthens our brand identity with the minimalism in design that we are known for, while elevating our brand image by moving away from the DIY, handmade sensibility that was on trend when we launched. A new color family of 16 different colors for each one of our cookies are unified by black and white patterns, type, and iconography. 
The main goal of this redesign was to have better shelf presence in retail stores, elevate brand image to reflect current retail trends, and to better protect the cookies against handling by customers. A diecut window allows the product to be shown, and the inclusion of nutritional labels provides the customer with greater information about our products. 

I conceptualize, style and photograph all of our company's product photography and social media content, including seasonal recipes and holiday campaigns. Assets are then leveraged and shared across all social media platforms.

An illustration featuring playful product iconography to be printed on tote bags and postcards. 

Over the past 10 years, I have designed various paper goods and products for Whimsy & Spice, including prints, kitchen measurement tea towels and posters, illustrated botanical cards, and calendars featuring original photography.  

Whimsy & Spice was one of the original food companies that grew out of the artisan food movement in Brooklyn, NY.  We closed our business in June 2020. 

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