DWRC's regional sales reps were working without a central product inventory or CRM tool. Growing business demands for larger orders required new operational efficiencies to formalize sales presentations, communication, quoting, and account management. The solution was a B2B website that allowed designers to search for product, gain access to product specs, configure customizations, communicate with clients and collaborators, and track orders in progress.
I worked as part of a 3 person UX/UI team to wireframe and design key pages. We attended weekly meetings at DWR headquarters and collaborated closely with the client team and an external dev team. The site was designed with a modular system of components that served as a foundation to scale a growing product catalog while ensuring design consistency and brand language.
My dual role as creative strategist and UX designer helped define the DWRC visual branding and set it apart from Design Within Reach’s consumer e-commerce site. DWRC needed to convey, from the start, that the site was for the trade. I prototyped animation and motion ideas to bring the client’s Contract story to life, and to strengthen Design Within Reach’s positioning as the champions of modern design.

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