How do we surface the stories in data and make a topic such as cancer, accessible?  
For the third edition of The Cancer Atlas, "Access Creates Progress" became the unifying theme that emerged from project discovery, research, and stakeholder interviews. I collaborated with the researchers at The American Cancer Society (ACS) to bring this theme forward on the homepage with an interactive, narrative map tour to highlight stories of positive change in 6 countries around the world. I guided the content strategy, storyboarded and designed the interface, and worked with developers on motion and animation.  
Two parallel color systems—one keyed to the 3 top level sections of the site, and the other keyed to cancer colors—aid in the clarity of information, organization of content, and ease of navigation.
Rather than a one-to-one translation from printed book to web, the companion website offers opportunities for engagement that includes moments of animation and movement throughout the website. I led UX and content strategy to reorganize and translate content to a digital platform, and designed and prototyped parallax animation for the 3 section landing pages. 
I researched technology to create data visualizations that could be published in both print and web. After sourcing Highcharts, a software library, my team and I designed and customized, with javascript, all 125 data visualizations to be imported into print spreads and embedded into the website as fully responsive and interactive charts.  

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