Supporting a pivotal business change of true flexibility in plan sizes was at the center of my work with Splendid Spoon. My team collaborated closely with the client to identify opportunities to clarify plan selection options, personalize and simplify the subscription service, and invite discovery of new products. The result is an account experience and dashboard that puts customer control at the center, making the most important, time sensitive actions, accessible.
A reimagined, mobile-first onboarding experience simplifies the new customer journey to 3 steps, presenting clear pricing plans, personalizing food preferences, and a streamlined checkout process. 
The prominent use of yellow, picked up from Splendid Spoon's existing color palette, was an unexpected and fresh take on their brand colors.  Playful moments, like Splendid Stats on the order history page, further reinforce brand personality. I delivered new and updated components which were then integrated into their existing design system, allowing the new design to roll out in phases as new features were released.   
The newly designed, feature-rich Edit Box page improves the shopping experience by allowing customers to browse, filter, favorite, add to cart, and change plan sizes in one interface. Accessible nutritional information on product quick view lightboxes help customers inform their decisions as they build their boxes.
Personalized messages greet the Splendid customer along every step of their order cycles week after week, building brand loyalty and supporting the company’s mission of cultivating healthy plant-based food habits.

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